2023-04-09 ROI.plugin.highs

Make the amazing HiGHS solver available via ROI .

2018-12-12 Portfolio Optimization - Use Case

Thank you to Laura Vana for contributing a use case about portfolio optimization!

2018-06-19 ROI.plugin.neos

ROI.plugin.neos was releasd on CRAN. More information about ROI.plugin.neos can be found in the manual and the vignette.

2018-04-23 ROI.plugin.qpoases

ROI.plugin.qpoases was releasd on CRAN. It provides a C++ interface to qpOASES which is part of the Computational Infrastructure for Operations Research (COIN-OR) project. ROI.plugin.qpoases can be used to solve quadratic problems and due to the flipping bounds strategy, ROI.plugin.qpoases can also be used to find critical points of non-convex QP problems. For more information for qpOASES we refer to the qpOASES-Manual, more information about ROI.plugin.qpoases can be found in the ROI.plugin.qpoases-Manual.